Your wedding dance

You're planning your wedding....and you want your first dance as a married couple to be as lovely and magical as it can be. Let Dancingthread help you and your partner take the floor with grace and ease. Tom and Myra have had years of experience with beginning dancers - even those who think they can't dance - giving them the confidence they need to dance with joy.

We will work with the two of you in one or two private lessons, creating a dance customized to your chosen song. We will teach you the basic skills you need to feel and look completely comfortable as you glide around the room. We will even help you learn a few dazzling - and dazzlingly easy - show-off moves you can wow your guests with. We can help you choose a song if you need suggestions, show you how to begin and end your dance, and give you techniques to work together as a "dance team". We will also make sure your dance will work smoothly in your bridal outfit.

The dance we create together will be easy for you to do - no fancy footwork; if you can walk, you can dance. We will work within your schedule. Starting the process a few weeks or a month before the wedding date is ideal, but last minute is fine too. Contact us and we'll get started!

(And don't forget - a barn dance is a fabulous way for you and your guests to celebrate your wedding.)