Barn Dances

Once upon a time, not all that long ago, Ontario towns and villages held weekly or monthly barn dances, bringing together all the town residents for an evening of wonderful live music and dancing that everyone could do together - singles, couples and families, young, middle-aged and seniors, experienced dancers and beginners, all learning, moving and dancing as one, creating joy, spirit and excitement together.
"Thank you again and again for giving our guests and ourselves such a memorable evening. The compliments just keep coming. You did a marvelous job and were very patient and gentle with the enthusiastic crowd."
C.S., Toronto, Ont

Dancingthread can help you recreate that spirit for your own function or community. We will provide a wonderful live acoustic band (usually fiddle, accordion, piano and guitar) playing tuneful, high energy jigs and reels in the Celtic and French-Canadian tradition, and callers who will teach and lead your group through all the moves of the dances: circles, mixers, ceilidh dances, squares and other set dances, each couple dancing in turn with all the other dancers in the set. The tradition is to change partners after every dance, so everyone mixes - as long as their energy lasts!

Take a look at some videos of our dance events.

Barn dances are....

happy social occasions for all ages

ideal for beginners and those with two (or more) left feet

perfect ice-breakers and community-builders for:

  • corporate and professional gatherings
  • conferences and conventions
  • wedding and anniversary receptions
  • club and church events
  • school functions