How to put on a dance

Dances usually start between 7 and 9 pm, and last for about three hours including breaks, but we can make other arrangements - just ask! If children are taking part a somewhat shorter duration may be more suitable. The band and caller will arrive about a half hour beforehand, in time for the band to set up. If other activities are planned for the evening, e.g., refreshment break, raffle, speech from the happy couple, the caller will include these in the program. When everyone's ready the caller invites people - in a pleasant and encouraging way - to come onto the dance floor, and explains the steps of the dances in non-technical terms. These instructions will be repeated as the music plays. A refreshment break is usually welcome about half-way through the evening. During this the band can supply background music.

What do I need to do?

Your primary job is to provide a hall full of fun-loving adults and children, who are looking forward to a great evening's entertainment. You should consider whether tickets will be sold or refreshments provided, and make appropriate arrangements. Similarly consider if a bar is required. At the start of the evening advise us what else will happen during the evening - the raffle, etc - so the caller can plan accordingly. Try to find time to join in the fun with all the guests. We will be happy to discuss your plans with you, and advise on the best way to run the evening.